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The challenge today is to use technology to reduce the cost of doing business and to make interaction between vendors and buyers easier and more efficient.

Novusolutions offers NovusVENDOR from our suite of NovusEDU products. NovusVENDOR is a web based solution that allows vendors to register to do business with your organization through an easy to use web based form. Once vendors are registered, they can manage their own profiles and update commodity codes, insurance information or any other critical profile data. A major benefit of NovusVENDOR comes from having vendors maintaining their own profiles. This means purchasing staff do not have to handle this grueling and time consuming task.

Purchasing staff can easily find vendors using a flexible search tool that allows searches on many combinations of vendor attributes including OMWBE status, active or inactive, commodity code or other criteria.

The NovusVENDOR solution also offers bid posting which empowers your staff to quickly and easily post bids to a public web page. Once bids are posted, vendors matching that commodity code profile are automatically notified of the bid so they can download it from your web site.
When bid results are gathered, staff can record those results and trigger notification of all interested vendors of the bid outcome.

NovusVENDOR is an easy to use web based tool that will reduce labor costs within your departments and save time and money for your vendor community.



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