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The Mayet Transportation module is an easy way for school divisions to keep track and create transportation routes and stops for students, in a all-in-one module.

The transportation module incorporates screens with easy to use functionality. Some key screens are Buses, Bus drivers, Bus routes and Stops.

The Bus and Bus Driver screens allow an authorized user to add or edit bus and driver information which is automatically integrated into all aspects of the transportation module to ensures up-to-date information when routes and stops are assigned.

Bus routes are route areas that are assigned to a bus. The transportation module allows an authorized user to create, edit and view bus routes for the division. Routes can be assigned an AM or PM time period with the option to select "specific" days or "all" days of the week. Once a route is created, stops can be assigned to the route.

Stop Assignments show the bus stop assignments for a bus route. Users can create stop assignments with stop options for students, to indicate either a pick-up(embark), a drop-off(disembark) or both and choose between regular(Home) stop or school stop options.

Mayet makes it convenient for users to assign stops to students(riders) by either entering the view riders screen in the transportation module or assign stops to individual students through the Bus Route Schedule screen in the Student module.

Mayet has a variety of reports to accompany all your transportation needs.

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