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The Student Timetable module is used to view, edit, add and delete course-sections for a students. This module gives the user a visual view as to how a course-section will fit into the students timetable. The student timetable interface also manages student wait lists and provides administrators with a real-time view of section enrolment.

This module has a user friendly interface with a multi-character name-search function in the student drop down list. This makes finding students fast and easy. The student scheduling module is fully integrated with all other aspects of the student data record. All course-section transactions made in the student timetable will automatically be incorporated into various parts of the Mayet application.

We know the ability to print a timetable immediately for the student is a must for any school and with Mayet you can do it with just a click of a button. As well we give you the ability to print a class list on any section selected to see who is enrolled in the course-section.

The school scheduling module is a very full featured utility designed to create and manage school timetables and student timetables based upon student course requests. Course requests can be entered manually in Mayet or scanned or imported in bulk via XML or standard comma delimited files. The school scheduling utility provides a complete set of diagnostic tools such as real-time course request coincidence matrices and conflict highlighting.

Scheduling of common groups, grades and other special interest schedules can easily be accommodated with group timetable management ad student/group timetable merging. The assignment of students to schedules based on the student course requests takes seconds not hours. As such, an iterative approach to achieving appropriate school schedules is taken with the user having the ability to create and maintain multiple scenarios until one school master schedule is created.

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