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Mayet's Student Module offers administrators a comprehensive management utility to work with their student records. The Student module is characteristic of all main Mayet management objects in that it uses a combination of List and Detail interfaces.

The student list interface is initially populated based on user specific queries and can be populated with the result of an ad hoc query using the comprehensive Query Interface. Users have the option to create custom saved lists for reuse at a later time. The student detail integrates all key student information into a student-centric interface.

The students demographic data includes complete legal name and alias, gender, birth date, address and phone information as well as incorporating such elements as Contacts, Relationships, Medical Contacts, Residency, Current Courses, Academic History, Discipline, plus all accepts of Enrolment and more.

Intrinsic to all Mayet modules is a comprehensive reporting utility consisting of standard and custom client reports. The Student module includes an array of standard Student Reports, from Address Mailing Labels to Medical reports and Report Cards. Reports can be previewed and printed for individual students, a group of students and on an entire school.

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Demographic Features
  • Photograph

  • Name Change History

  • Address Change History

  • Multiple Ethnicity

  • Citizenship and Visa

  • Languages Spoken

  • Multiple Contacts, Relationships and Alerts

  • Sibling Management

  • Medical Contacts, Conditions and Alerts

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