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Mayet's School module makes it easy for authorized users to maintain all their school information. Users can select their school or view other schools in their division. All aspects of the schools adminstrative tasks can be managed for the current academic year as well for past and future academic years.

Mayet brings together the ability for schools to maintain all their school courses and sections in one easy to use screen. The course screen consists of drop down menus, combo box list items and input box style options for easy entry of course and section information.

The school module also allows administrators to create teacher groups and assign homerooms to their schools. The school course sections and teacher groups assignments are integrated throughout Mayet with student schedules, class lists and attendance screens.

Authorized users can set grade and program options as well as reporting term and semester start/end dates in different screens available in the school module.

The schools mark reporting information is managed through this interface controlling items such as school reporting term specific messaging as well as allowing administrators to lock and unlock mark entry for a specified term. Student mark data, class list, teacher inforation can be exchanged between Mayet and third party products via published Mayet XML schemas.

Facilities for creating and managing new academic year school schedules and for current year exam schedules are also available from the school management screens

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