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Mayet makes it easy to isolate unique students/school information through a query search function. Mayet allows the user to query information in a number of different ways with the use of status, gender, school, grade and many others.

From a simple query such as the student_id or a wide range of specific query criteria to find all students with a medical concerns.;The query combinations are endless.

Mayet provides an easy to use interface with drop down item selections and specific entry fields to specify query information. The query function works with Mayet's wildcards % search to make name searches easier by only searching for letters of like value.

For example: When looking for a Student's surname that starts with H... something the user may query for just H% (while using a wildcard) to get a list of student's surnames that start with H. Once a list is produced from the query, an authorized user can save that list for a quick reference later.

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