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Mayet includes many of these components in its software package. Some of Mayet's functions are described on these pages. Click on the 'More...' link to view further details after each brief description.

Student Information

Maintains a complete history of all students that have had an association with the district. Data is never purged or physically archived, remaining available on-line at all times. All students are automatically classified by the software as to their current enrolment status, for example ( Active, Inactive, Archived, Incoming, etc.) More...


Mayet retains a complete history of entries and withdrawals from the district, as well as intra-district movement between schools, programs, grades and rooms. The system tracks the location and movement of student paper files for all transfers. User-definable codes can be applied to all transfers and withdrawals. More...


Supports both half-day and individual course/period recording of absences, late arrivals, early departures, excused absences and make-up classes. Optional attendance classification codes can be defined at the school level, and can be applied either globally or on an individual record basis. Attendance data is fully integrated with all Mayet modules, including report cards. More...


Represents most of Mayet's School information in one module. In this module the administrators can view and edit their schools information. Some functions of the school module include assigning courses & sections to their school. As well administrators can create teacher groups and homerooms for their school. More...


Mayet has a timetable module that offers the users the ability to plan out their students timetables for all year around. More...


Is an essential part of any School administrators daily routine. With Mayet reporting is easy. Mayet uses a report web sever to keep all your reports up to date and accessible any time of the day. Mayet has a variety of reports to suit any schools needs. More...


This is an extra module available for schools who would like to track and create transportation routes for their schools. The transportation module incorporates all of the transportation-related functions such as buses, drivers and bus routes. More...

Saved Lists

Allows uses to save the list of students they have queried for. This is ideal for administrators to keep track of students list for such groups like band, graduating students or any student list that might be required for specific reports. More...

Query Search

Mayet makes it easy to isolate unique students/school information through a query search function. Mayet allows the user to query information in a number of different ways with the use of status, gender, school, grade and many others. More...
Prominently Featured Components:

  • Half-Day and Period Based Attendance

  • Class Lists and Mark Reporting

  • School Year Management

  • Student/School/Teacher Timetable Management

  • Transportation

Student Management Components:

  • Demographics

  • Personal Contacts and Siblings

  • Medical Contacts and Information

  • Enrolment and Marks (Complete History)

  • Discipline

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