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NovusHR Applicant Tracking

Educational organizations across the country have come under increasing pressure to utilize technology and the Internet to find qualified applicants to fill positions at their organizations.

Recruiting today is, and always has been, a challenge. Finding qualified people to match the diverse needs of your organization can be one of the biggest challenges facing administrators today. The question is how can educational institutions leverage the power of the Internet without a major investment of time or money?

Novusolutions has found the answer with NovusHR. By utilizing this online application tracking and acceptance tool, the public can easily navigate to your online job application using only a web browser. They can view open jobs and apply for multiple jobs with one form if needed.

NovusHR is designed with a robust “back end” processing function that allows HR staff the ability to review an application, comment on it and electronically route it to a hiring manager for review and comment.

Job Applications are customized to meet your exact needs.

NovusHR will streamline your recruiting process and lower costs by speeding up application processing and applicant tracking. NovusHR will also eliminate lost applications and ensure applications can be exported and saved to the existing HR technology infrastructure.



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