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Mayet maintains a complete Enrolment history for all students. The Enrolment function allows users to Pre-Register, Register, Transfer and Withdrawal students.

The Pre-Register function is used to declare a students intent to attend school in the upcoming academic year allowing the incoming school to prepare student timetables and to effectively estimate staffing requirements for the upcoming year. Some Pre-Register features include:

  • The pre-registration of individual students or use the bulk pre-register function to pre-register many students at once.
  • All pre-registered student information can be rolled over at the start of the new academic year.
  • Accurate pre-register reports on the number of students attending the school for the following year.
  • Query for a pre-register students list using the query function.

The Withdrawal function closes the students' enrolment record. The Students withdrawal information is integrated into many other elements of Mayet for "up-to-date" information. When a student is withdrawn from a school, Mayet closes all courses, attendance and class list the student was enrolled in. Some other functions include:

  • Easy to use interface for selecting Withdrawal Codes, exit dates and other exit details.
  • Comprehensive query capabilities for withdrawal information.
  • A variety of Withdrawal reports are available.

The Register function is used to enroll a student into a school in the division. Some of other useful registration features include:

  • An easy to use single-screen interface.
  • Comprehensive query capabilities for all registration information.
  • A variety of Register/enrolment reports available.

The Transfer function allows a student to transfer to another school within the division. Mayet will retain all enrolment information on the exiting student in an inactive file status until accepted by the incoming school. Some of other features include:

  • In addition to enrolment details, Mayet retains all the students course and attendance information for review and exclusive edit capabilities to the withdrawn school.
  • Comprehensive query capabilities for all transfer information.
  • A variety of Transfer/enrolment reports are available.

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Enrolment Features
  • Complete History

  • Comprehensive Query Capability

  • Automated School Catchment Determination

  • Integrated Course and Attendance Management
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