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Think about the process today for creating agendas for upcoming meetings. Without exception it is labor intensive, consumes reams of paper and most importantly it is inefficient. Distribution of these packets is also an administrative nightmare. The question is how can organizations leverage the power of the Internet without a major investment of time or money?
Your answer is NovusAGENDA. NovusAGENDA is an electronic solution designed to help you create, approve and track items for upcoming and past Board meetings. The entire process creates an automated Paperless Agenda Solution.

Adding an Agenda item like the approval for a new project can now be controlled in a well-organized systematic solution. In addition, NovusAGENDA will complete the process by offering the ability to provide resolutions and post minutes or meeting actions automatically.

Not only will the public love the ability to view agenda items on-line, you will likely see a return on investment immediately. Paper, copy, and distribution costs alone will be virtually eliminated.

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